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3 Complete Videos and the Supporting Written materials

Video #1 The Teaching of Talking Fast & Fun Mini Screening Test & Evaluation
"You'll Know, in a Few Minutes ... If Your Patient, Friend, Client or Loved One Is a Good Candidate for Having Success In 'Learning How to Speak Again' Utilizing the Proven Methods in the Teaching Of Talking System."

Video #2 Joe's 9 Month Journey From Stress to Success and Re-gained Independence
This is a Joe & Caren's case study - you be able to see Joe's month-by-month progress as he goes from barely being able to speak at all - to giving a speech in front of 200+ people in just 9 months.

Video #3 A Care Givers (Deb's) Journey to Empowerment Care Givers Speak About the Hard Work and Joy of Helping a Loved One "Learn To Speak Again."
This a a very honest discussion with a care giver, about her frustrations before she took control of helping her husband Learn to Speak Again, and her joy after she found the right systems to work with.